Project Description

Commonly known asĀ TMT, Thermo Mechanically Trusted Steel is a superior version of the metal. Opolomax Steel is an advanced and high strength variant of steel having better chemical and mechanical properties meeting international quality standards.

Under TMT conducted at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of Opolomax, Steel Bars are made to pass through a specifically designed water quenching process and then it is automatically routed to cooling bed, where the heat flows from the core to the outer surface causing further tempering of the steel bars thereby resulting in higher strength and temperature resistance of steel.

OpoloMax Bars are available in Fe 415, Fe 415 D, Fe 500, Fe 500D, Fe 550, Fe 550D as per IS 1786:2008

Sizes Available are: 8mm to 32mm


What sets us apart from our competitors is our unwavering dedication to using pure iron ores in our steel production fro our channel partners. Unlike many others who rely on scraped-based products and recycled irons, OPOLOMAX takes pride in sourcing the finest raw materials and transforming them into premium-grade steel. This approach allows us to maintain unmatched quality control and consistency throughout our product range.

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